Name a Star for a Child's Birthday

International Star Registry

Each year of a child’s life brings big changes. From the early steps of a one-year-old through adolescence, each year presents its own new set of abilities and opportunities. Children’s birthdays are often exciting, fast paced, and over-flowing with gifts. The toys and clothes are outgrown so quickly, that it is not always easy to find a gift that the birthday child will remember and enjoy in a few years.

The perfect gift would be an educational, keepsake gift that they will remember years from now. Few gifts are as exiting to the lucky birthday boy or birthday girl than receiving a very special gift of a star in their name. It’s a special present they won’t forget!

Give the unique and memorable gift of naming a star. It’s a birthday gift they will never forget. To a parent or child, the celebration of each new year marks the beginning of new milestones in a child’s life. Each milestone is so exciting and deserves to be recognized in the best way possible! Naming a star is one of the best ways to make the child in your life feel extra special on their birthday. Years from now, when clothes are outgrown and toys are broken, your child’s star will continue to sparkle overhead.