Name a Star

The Ultimate Gift For Any Occasion!

"It's always a thrill when someone famous calls to name a star!" Since our inception in 1979 we've named hundreds of thousands of stars for celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals worldwide. Having a star named is the ultimate gift for any occasion.

The International Star Registry ® gift package includes:

  • A beautiful 12" x 16" parchment certificate (available framed or unframed), with the name of your choice, date of dedication, and the telescopic coordinates of the star printed in calligraphy.
  • A large sky chart with the actual named star identified and circled in red.
  • A fascinating booklet on astronomy written by a professional astronomer to help you locate the named star.
  • A letter of congratulations or memorial for the recipient.
  • Buy a star for a romantic gift.
  • Find out what a astrological reading is.

Although not an astronomic or photometric reference catalog, this alphabetical listing of the stars is both personally and historically significant. Because these star names are copyrighted with their astronomical coordinates in the book Your Place in the Cosmos, future generations may identify the star name in the listing and, using a telescope, locate the actual star in the sky.

We work hard to provide our customers with the finest personal service available and we are committed to producing a gift package of superior quality and workmanship. It really is the gift of a lifetime.

Isn't there someone you think is a real star?

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